Bee Girl Center for Education and Research


The “Bee Girl Center for Education & Research” at “The Sampson Creek Preserve” is currently under construction! We can’t wait until this field is full of flowers and bees, and the barn is full of students and honey!!

In the above photo, Sarah is standing in the middle of a three acre bee pasture on a preserve encompassing 4,800 acres of undeveloped grasslands, woodlands and forests in the Sampson, Cattle and Soda Creek watersheds, of Jackson County, Oregon.  Formerly a historic cattle ranch owned for generations by a local family, the Sampson Creek Preserve property was purchased in February 2015. This landscape is now managed in accordance with the primary goal of protecting the area’s outstanding ecological values, and these three acres are enrolled in our “Regenerative Bee Pasture” project. The barn will house a “honey house” (honey extraction facility) for Bee Girl Honey, as well as a community classroom where we will hold Bee Girl educational events and classes.  

We will move in to our new hive in summer of 2019, until then engage with us through the Kids and Bees program, our Hive to Table fundraiser, and the Western Apicultural Society Conference.