Siskiyou Seeds for Pollinators


The Bee Girl organization has been educating and encouraging the public to provide habitat for bees since 2011.  So far, we’ve given out 314,075 square feet of flower seeds (mostly to kids).  In 2017, we decided to take our mission a step further, and “show” people, instead of just “telling” them, how and what to plant for bees.  However, we realized that the seed packs we were giving away were full of low-quality product.  In our own test/demonstration plots, many of the seed packs never germinated.  The ones that did flower were only attractive to one or two kinds of bees, and not supporting a wide range of bee species. 

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!  We decided to partner up with a high-quality local, organic seed grower, with an impeccable reputation.  Don Tipping, founding farmer of Siskiyou Seeds, was up to the task of building the best mix possible for all seasons, climates, and a wide variety of bee species.  In 2017, we planted, and monitored, 29 different flower varieties.  In 2018, we planted even more, and were able to provide Siskiyou Seeds with even more valuable data. 

Thanks to a “Pollinator Support Grant” from FlowHive we were able to bring our research in to town, and add a public outreach component in collaboration with The Farm at SOU. This year our flower field will be adjacent to our outdoor classroom for Bee Week in May 2019, as well as the central focus of workshops at The Farm during the Western Apicultural Society conference on July 14th.

Follow the project on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #siskiyouseedsforpollinators for updates on our research and bee-friendly flower planting and care tips!    

You can find the seed packs, designed with our data, at

20% of the sale of Siskiyou Seeds' pollinator mixes will go to support our mission to educate and inspire communities to conserve bees, their flowers, and our food.  

We are proud to give away our flower bouquets, a brilliantly bee-utiful bonus from the project, to brighten the days of folks at the Ashland Senior Center and families at the Oregon Child Development Coalition.     

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