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Early in 2014 I was appointed US Ambassador of the International Bee Research Association’s BEEWORLD Project.  Aside from program development, and ongoing communication with world headquarters in Wales, UK, my primary duty of this appointment is to connect kids in the US to kids abroad through the fantastic world of bees and beekeeping!  


Are you a teacher, camp leader, 4-H mentor, homeschool parent, or any kind of kid’s program facilitator?  Then join BEEWORLD!  Register here to download a free “Education Pack” e-book (US version coming soon).  Then share your BeeWord through this link.  Post a description and pictures of your classroom, organization, project, etc., and explore the other “beecentric” projects around the world.  It’s totally open source, so feel free to use the ideas that you find, and reach out to the other educators on the map!  Coming soon will be a live feed on this page to post ideas and stories to share.  While you are on the site, check out the blog.  Myself and other ambassadors will be posting regularly!   

Kids and Bees Program

Kids love honey bees.  It’s pretty much a fact.  When I sat on the sunny deck of my aunt’s cabin eating honey comb straight from the hive as a toddler, a seed was planted that grew into an affinity for all things bees as an adult.  I now travel the country and visit schools and summer programs with our observational bee hive (season and location permitting), activities, and tastes of honey for the kids.  Seeing their faces light up gives me hope that I am helping to plant seeds of knowledge and fondness that may someday grow into a great beekeeper... or at least an avid consumer of local honey and sustainably grown food!

I visit students pre-k through 12th grade with my engaging and fun program, and can tailor my program to any level for groups of kids from 10 to 500 and more.  I also lead a fantastic summer camp though ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum!  Most recently my work with kids and bees has allowed me to join forces with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Honey Bee as the Kids and Bees Program Director at each annual American Beekeeping Federation conference.  This year I was in Baton Rouge, LA, and I am already looking forward to ABF Kids and Bees in Disneyland!!
My travels with Kids and Bees have also brought me to Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee, WI, and Living Ag Classroom in North Dakota.  Read about my adventures here.  One of the best trips yet was to Wales in the United Kingdom, check out what I was up to here.
If you are an educator, administrator or marketing director interested in having a "Kids and Bees" program at your school or event, email or call (541) 708-1127 for scheduling and hororarium information. 

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10.17 // Kids and Bees Program, Grants Pass, Oregon


10.24 // Kids and Bees Presentation with the 2014 American Honey Queen, Ruch, Oregon 


11.12 // Kids and Bees Program, Ruch, Oregon 


1.9 // American Beekeeping Federation Kids and Bees Program, Disneyland 

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