Flow with the Flow

Flowing down the river with us and speaking at the conference this year will be Stuart Anderson, co-founder of the overnight sensation Flow Hive. This new and streamlined invention took the ages-old method of honey extraction and added a few quirks and tune-ups, making it into a simpler process for backyard beekeepers.

Stuart comes from a history of beekeepers in New South Wales, Australia, where he currently lives with his family. Inspired to simplify how to get honey from a beehive without causing as much stress to the bees and their keepers, he and his son Cedar set out on a 10-year journey of designing what would eventually become the Flow Hive, a design that became the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever launched outside the US, has started off thousands of new beekeepers and shipped over 65,000 hives to customers in 130 countries.

Stuart will be joining us as part of the Western Apicultural Society conference at The Farm at Southern Oregon University to answer any questions WAS Conference attendees may have about the Flow Hives and will also give a live demonstration.  Afterward, Stuart will be partnering with Sarah Red-Laird to give a tour of the project that Flow helped fund - “Seeds for Pollinators”. This multi-year project, with the help of Siskiyou Seeds founder and farmer Don Tipping, is seeking to find the most attractive flowers to the highest diversity of bees, upon which new organic seed mixes will be created with the results of the study.

We will also be doing a drawing to give away a brand new Flow Hive at the WAS banquet

We are beyond excited to be able to offer our attendees the chance to connect with and learn from Stuart and get up to speed on the innovative projects we’re working on here in Ashland!

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