The Macaroni to my Cheese

Phylicia.  Chandler.  If you were at the Western Apicultural Society conference banquet you saw me cry my eyes out while I was handing her the President’s Award.  Phylicia came to the Bee Girl organization as a grad student intern through the Southern Oregon University Environmental Education program in 2014.  After she graduated she became a member of the board and a super volunteer, and then our first official paid staff member. 

It’s been my pleasure to watch her go through so many life stages during this time - graduating from the University with a masters in environmental ed and as a certified teacher, getting married, moving across the country and back again, and now she’s a new mother. 

She does everything she puts her mind to with conviction, perfection, thought, grace, and integrity.  Her work on the #WASAshland conference was no exception.  When we were apart, we were still trading emails back and forth between 5am and midnight.  She mastered every detail while I kept my focus on the big vision, and she did it with a genuine smile.  I’m so happy that she gets to leave our organization on the high note of the conference.    

Yesterday was Phylicia’s last day here, as she transitions out of this job and into that of full time mom. 

If she puts half the energy into this baby as she has put into me and the Bee Girl org, Olivia will grow up to win the MacArthur Genius grant AND the Nobel Peace Prize.  No pressure, Baby O (wink).     

Sarah Red-LairdComment