The Time is NOW - Register for WAS!

WAS Conference Highlights: The Quality of Speakers are Off the Charts (and they are flying here from across the world, just for you)!

Our goal is to sell out WAS by the end of the month!  Register now!

We’re nearing the final stretch for registering for our upcoming WAS Conference - Early Registration ends on June 11th! This is no sit-down event that will leave your back end sore and brain numb - this is a three-day-long epic that will start off with a rafting adventure, get you up close and personal to every aspect of a bee you’d want to get to know, wake you up with a bee yoga class, offer time to meet professionals in every field of beekeeping and be introduced to some of the most recent innovative inventions to help our bees, and in the least will be a rare opportunity to have your long-unanswered questions taken on by not just one but a dozen seasoned experts.

The hosts and coordinators of this conference have taken feedback from previous attendees and created an event that is tailored to what everyone has asked for more of - time to discuss and absorb the teachings that our incredible speakers have prepared and a wide variety of topics and conversations that cover a broader range of information from beeswax to research to queens to even how to create a social media platform that attracts audiences to what you have to share.  

For example, as a Conference Highlight: flying in to join us all the way from China will be lifelong beekeeper Katrina Klett. Katrina has a substantial background in honeybee research in labs at the University of Minnesota, USDA ARS lab, and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, as well as experience on commercial beekeeping crews in New Zealand and Australia. As a partner of her family’s queen breeding and honey industry, she will be teaching a workshop on queens and then again on how to design a space for butterflies and bees. The chance to learn from Katrina’s advanced experience and teaching is not to be missed!

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