Kids at WAS

We have been getting a few questions about kiddos and WAS.  We will not be providing day care or kids activities, but there are a few options for you here in Ashland! 

·        If you are coming with a partner who can take on kid-duty, there are plenty of things to do listed on our website here.

·        The Ashland Mamas Medicine Wheel group is a great place to find a babysitter, or get advice on a camp or other activity that is going on for kids.

·        There may be summer camps going on that you could enroll your kids in!  Try Ashland Parks and Rec or the Ashland YMCA.

We are OK with your little coming if they are “lap infant” size.  If they can sit on your lap, and eat off your plate, bring ‘em!  If they are older kiddos and will need their own seats and meals, we encourage you to have them apply for a scholarship here, or utilize one of the options above!