WAS Opens Doors for the Next Generation

Have you heard?!  The Western Apicultural Society Conference (WAS) is in Ashland, Oregon this year.  On July 11th-14th. We have a host of impressive keynote speakers and expert workshop leaders coming to educate and inspire western beekeepers and bee lovers.

As you may know, our bees are facing unprecedented challenges.  Like the wise ol’ Professor Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”  So, we are excited to enroll the next generation of beekeepers, researchers, and educators to help us dream, create, think, see and act our way out of this mess.

We have created a few ways to engage students at the upcoming “WAS” conference:

  1. A special student rate for full-time, currently enrolled students.  At $95, this is one heck of a deal (the regular registration fee is $285)!

  2. A scholarship opportunity for a FULL RIDE to the conference!!

  3. The “Community Waggle Dance Tabletop Show” - think of it as a super interactive poster session to “show and tell” a project, program, or idea that you are working on for bees and/or beekeepers.

  4. Locally sourced, sustainably harvested meals are included in the conference fee, and we’ll have FREE BEER on Friday night.      

Check out this link to find out more about the conference, the fantastic array of speakers, and all of the original programs we’ve pulled together to engage, educate, and inspire bee lovers and beekeepers: https://westernapiculturalsociety.org

Please share this with anyone and everyone you think may be interested in joining us, we want to pack the venue with young leaders and thinkers this year!