Kids and Bees "Bee and Beekeeping" Station

Every May I host over 300 kids at The Farm at Southern Oregon University for “Bee Week.”  Students ride over on schools buses from all over our valley to come and learn all about bees from myself and our large team of passionate volunteers.  I spend about 40 minutes with the kids, engaging in a super fun and educational lesson on the bee life cycle, honey, pollination, and solutions to bee loss.  Then we guide them through four learning stations for the remainder of our time together: Bees and Beekeeping, Honey Tasting, Beeswax, and Bee Habitat. 

A script for my talk, as well as learning objective and activities for the stations are listed in the “90 Minute Fly-In Lesson” starting on page 36 in the Kids and Bees Handbook.  You can find a free e-book of the handbook, or order a hard copy, at  I also made a YouTube video of the “Bee and Beekeeping” station to give you a tour of the materials we use, and how and why we use them.  Click this link for the video:

I have absolutely loved seeing selfies with the handbook pop up all of the US and as far away as Australia!!  Please do share any successes that you have had with the handbook with us on our Facebook page, , or at